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All Jennings, All the Time
Above: I have seen the future of the National Post, and his name is Ken Jennings.

TORONTO (SP) — You may have noticed that the National Post newspaper published the exact same article about perennial Jeopardy! champ Ken Jennings in two different sections of the paper on Tuesday, July 13, 2004. Perhaps you thought that this duplication was inadvertent or that it was just a very slow day in the news. In fact, the 'double coverage' of Mr. Jennings was completely intentional, and was a precursor of the many additional articles about him that will be appearing in the Post in the days, weeks, and possibly even months ahead, until his remarkable winning streak comes to an end. The following are some of the highlights of the Post's upcoming KenJen coverage:

- In a five-part series, the Post critically examines Jennings, the seemingly squeaky-clean Mormon family man, by interviewing two of his ex-wives, and all three of his current wives.

- The Post visits the Vancouver set of the new TV movie "The Life and Times of Ken Jennings", starring former Kids in the Hall cast member Dave Foley in the title role, and Colm Feore as Alex Trebek.

- The Sports section will start printing boxscores after each Jennings victory, including such vital statistics as total winnings, ERA (Elucidated Right Answers) and RBIs (Rapidly Buzzed In).

- The Financial Post will keep track of how much taxable capital gain Jennings would have accrued had his aggregate net winnings been invested in an indexed mutual fund.

- The Post asks a group of computer engineers at MIT whether they think supercomputer Deep Blue would stand a chance against Jennings in a simulated game of Jeopardy!.

- Scene Columnist Shinan Govani reveals which trendy L.A. bars and nightclubs Jennings frequented between Jeopardy! tapings, as well as his favourite potent potables.

- Rebecca Eckler (author of Geeked Up: Confessions of a Jeopardy Junkie) asks Ken for advice on how she can raise her daughter to become a 30-time Jeopardy! champion.

- Television critic Jason Chow speculates on how Jennings might have fared on several classic Canadian game shows, including Front Page Challenge, Jackpot and Definition.

- Film critic Adam Sternbergh argues that Jennings' meteoric rise to celebrity status signifies a renaissance for geeks in Hollywood, not seen since the days of Pee Wee Herman, Anthony Michael Hall and Revenge of the Nerds in the mid-80's.

Above: Uber-geeks for $1 Million and counting, Alex!
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