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Judges Who Unleash 'Incurable Psychopaths' on Society to Billet Them in Own Homes: New Law

OTTAWA, ON (SP) — In a move to help incurable psychopaths better integrate into society, judges and other justice system officials who are responsible for releasing such people from prison will be required to provide living accommodation for them. So states a new law on the books. The law was proposed in order to prevent future occurrences like the 9-hour release-and-re-incarcerate two weeks ago of Martin Ferrier, the 31-year-old, 6-foot-5, 270-pound chronic violent offender released from jail on July 13. Unable to find a place to stay, Ferrier was back in jail within 9 hours of his release, after threatening a reporter and thereby violating one of the release conditions. The new law is an attempt to do a better job at allowing incurable psychopaths to participate more fully in society.

"The truth is, Mr. Ferrier had nowhere to go," said Mr. Justice Minoo Khoorshed, who presided over the session where Ferrier was sentenced to a further two years in jail for uttering the threat. "He tried to go to a motel in Brampton [Ontario], but they wouldn't have him. How can we expect incurable psychopaths to contribute to our society if they are exposed to such intolerance?"

Justice Khoorshed, who released Ferrier and then did his best to convince him to attempt to avoid a new jail sentence, is a key supporter of the new law. "Yes, it's true that Mr. Ferrier has been in jail 15 of the past 17 years, for more than 60 convictions on violent and sexual offences. That is precisely the problem. There is an extreme degree of prejudice in our society against such people. In order to help dangerous offenders like him live amongst us, we judges and parole board members will take it upon ourselves to provide accommodation for these people upon their release, either in our own homes, or in the homes of our immediate families."

Khoorshed went on to explain that an ideal way to help incurable psychopaths adjust to non-prison life is to show them trust. "It is too late this time for Mr. Ferrier. But when he is released again in two years, with this new law in effect, I will billet him in my own home. While adjusting back to society, he will help with household chores and yard-work. I may even suggest to him that he offer to baby-sit the neighbours' children, or walk them to school and back. This will show both him and the other residents of my community that incurable psychopaths are, just like the rest of us, members of society with something to contribute."
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