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Conan O'Brien Also Offended Anglo-Canadians with Silly Stereotypes

Above: Conan O'Brien brought his explosive brand of comedy to Canada, with predictable results

TORONTO (SP) — Midway through Conan O'Brien's recent week in Toronto, it appeared that the trip would be considered an unqualified success. However, the honeymoon abruptly ended when Triumph the Insult Comic Dog made an ill-advised visit to Quebec City's Winter Carnival. It has now become apparent that Quebec is not the only "distinct society" in Canada that was offended by O'Brien's show. Toronto Maple Leaf hockey fans and residents of the Prairie Provinces are among those who also felt that they were unfairly subjected to ridicule. » more...

This '91 something-or-other runs like new. Only driven Sundays — from the garage door, down the driveway to the curbside, and back. Asking $12,000 O.B.O. Will pay for flatbed truck to transport to new owner. » more...

Movie Review: The Barbarian Invasions (Les Invasions Barbares)

Above: This was the kind of "barbarian" I thought I'd be seeing in The Barbarian Invasions

TORONTO (SP - QED) — When I went to see The Barbarian Invasions at a local movie theatre, I knew very little about the film, other than its title. And with such a title, I think it was quite reasonable for me to have expected a big, loud, dumb action flick. You can therefore imagine my surprise when I discovered that it was really not much of an action film. In fact, it did not bear even the slightest resemblance to an action film, as there was not a single punch thrown, thrust parried or weapon discharged. » more...

Oscar 5-Second Delay to Shield Public from "Nudity, Profanity", Not Political Statements (nudge nudge, wink wink)

HOLLYWOOD, CA (SP) — The Land of the Free? That five second delay was enough to allow smooth cuts to "commercial breaks", effectively hiding half-a-dozen vitriolic rants critical of the Bush administration. » more...

A Futile Flight...

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