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Bush Voted "Movie Villain of the Year"

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British Want Homer Simpson as U.S. President

»  Reuters
Hobbit Remains Found in Australia

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Kerry Steps Up Praise of Cheney's Lesbian Daughter

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Michael Moore Prepares For 8-Minute Hunger Strike

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New Health Threat Has Americans Hopping Mad and Running Scared

Above: Carriers of the disease have been known to display superhuman feats of strength, thereby enabling them to carry all of the merchandise they've purchased.

ATLANTA, Ga. (SP) — Mere months since the SARS virus caused a worldwide panic, a new health threat has emerged in the United States. Scientists call the condition BSE, which is short for Bargain Shopping Encephalopathy, but it is more commonly known as "Grab Now" Disease. » more...

Report: Toronto Narrowly Avoided Disaster During Blackout; People Pretty Much Don't Care and Continue Wanton Use of Electricity

TORONTO, ON (SP) — With the recent release of a report highlighting just how close Toronto and other Ontario cities came to having serious crises during the blackout of August 2003, most citizens pretty much don't let it bother them, and continue to use electricity and other resources as though the blackout had never happened. » more...

Inside CIBC's New Ethics Hotline: An Investigative Report By QED

Above: Get us working for you…except for our accounting department. You probably don't want them working for you.

After admitting that it played an integral role in helping to cook Enron's books, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce agreed to establish an "ethics hotline" to ensure that the bank remains a good corporate citizen. The following are some of the conversations that have taken place on the hotline thus far: » more...

Target in the Sky?

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