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U.S. Govt. Actions Too Easy to Satirize: World Satirists' Union

HELSINKI, Finland (SP) — In a press release issued last week, the World Satirists' Union proclaimed that its members would no longer be satirizing U.S. government policies, statements, actions, wars, or anything else, as doing so is too easy to be fun anymore. "The whole of Washington is positively dripping with self-parody, leaving nothing for us to do," complained WSU undersecretary T. Herman Zweibel. creator and WSU member Andrew Marlatt stated that, given the current work situation for professional satirists, he doesn't regret stopping production of his website in August 2002. "This theatre-of-the-bizarre approach taken by the Bush administration is so far out there, satirists are basically left playing catch-up. How can you possibly satirize any further something as ridiculous as issuing decks of playing cards featuring 'Iraq's Most Wanted'? Or renaming French fries 'Freedom fries'? Or recommending that people buy duct-tape and plastic sheeting to protect themselves against biological attack? I see it as an infringement on the livelihoods of satirists worldwide."

In protest, the WSU board is advising its members to resist publishing any material concerning the U.S. government until the percentage of its actions that fall in the realm of the grotesque falls below the 50% threshold. "With newspapers filled with stories like the 'Freedom fries' thing, when people turn to their favourite satiric publication and read considerably tamer stories about the U.S. government, they'll turn back to their newspaper where the really wacked-out stuff is," said Zweibel.

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