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»  Reuters
Americans Flock to Canada's Immigration Web Site

»  Borowitz Report
Over 55 Million Americans Apply For Canadian Citizenship

»  Reuters
Bush Voted "Movie Villain of the Year"

»  The Guardian
Actors Use Internet Movie Database for Dating

»  Associated Press
Teen's Klan Costume Wins Prize and Suspension

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Ontario Govt. Unveils Modest Proposal to End Homelessness

TORONTO, ON (SP) — The Ontario government is introducing new legislation to address the province’s growing homeless problem, which some say has reached epidemic proportions, Premier Ernie Eves announced yesterday. » more...

War Kills Prime-Time Programming

LOS ANGELES, CA (SP) — As the military campaign in Iraq winds down, millions of Americans have experienced the grim realities of war, with many of their favorite television programs being pre-empted in favor of round-the-clock war coverage. » more...

“Private” Clinton Summoned for Military Service

CAMP VIRGINIA, KUWAIT (SP) — After deferring his eligibility for military service for more than 30 years, former President Bill Clinton was recalled to active duty last Friday as a member of the general infantry, and is currently stationed at a military base in Kuwait. » more...

Bush Calls Off War Due To Jedi Mind Trick

WASHINGTON, DC (SP) — President Bush has ordered the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. military personnel from the Persian Gulf, effectively ending the war in Iraq. » more...

Clarence Thomas Speaks

WASHINGTON, DC (SP) — For the first time since being appointed to the nation’s highest court in 1991, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has spoken. » more...

U.S. Cities Named Bagdad Under Siege

BAGDAD, VA (SP) — The war against Iraq has moved onto U.S. soil, with military forces being deployed into 10 cities named Bagdad across the nation. » more...

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