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Senators to Press Own Children to Join U.S. Forces in Iraq

WASHINGTON, DC (SP) — Stung by criticism that so few senators or members of congress have children in the military, the 25 senators on the Senate Committee on Armed Services have decided to press their own children and grandchildren to enlist and join U.S. forces in the war on Iraq.

Out of 100 senators and 435 congressmen and, only four currently have children in the military, of whom only one is an enlisted person.

Committee chairman Senator John Warner (R - VA), who himself served in the Navy in World War II and in the Marine Corps in Korea, proposed the move as a way to stem growing public cynicism. According to critics, those who make the decision to go to war are not those whose sons and daughters actually do the dying.

Said committee member Senator Pat Roberts (R - KS), "The perception is that senators' and congressmen's children have cushy jobs at PR firms, legal firms, oil company head offices, or what have you. Well, that doesn't make them any less able to go to the defence of liberty. We'll be telling our kids, 'Time to get up and go defend freedom'."

"You hear about the Iraqis giving some 17-year-old kid an AK-47 and two days training… In the U.S. of A. we give our 17-year-old kids a helluva lot more training than that, and way better equipment. So I'm completely confident the senators' kids and grandkids will kick some Iraqi tail, and come home safe."

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